Enhance and Protect Your Roof with Professional Roof Spray Painting

The Decorator Guys your trusted painting and decorating partner for all your roofing coating needs. We specialise in transforming and safeguarding roofs through our advanced Roof Spray painting coating systems. Years of expertise and a commitment to excellence. We provide top-tier solutions ensuring your roof remains visually appealing and structurally resilient to the harsh weather elements.

Discover the Benefits of Roof Spray Painting

Long-lasting Protection

Roofs are exposed to harsh elements like rain, UV rays, and fluctuating temperatures. Our Roof Spray Coating not only rejuvenates the appearance of your roof but also forms a robust protective layer that shields it from these elements. This ensures your roof's longevity and minimises the need for frequent repairs.

Waterproofing Excellence

Specially formulated to create a barrier that prevents water from seeping through your roof. Say goodbye to leaks, mould growth, and water stains with our comprehensive waterproofing solution. Super hydrophobic coating - treated surfaces repel water.

Energy Efficiency

An inadequately insulated roof can lead to unnecessary energy loss, driving up utility bills. Our advanced spray coating offers excellent insulation properties, helping regulate indoor temperatures and reducing the strain on your heating and cooling systems. This leads to increased energy efficiency and potential savings over time.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

We prioritise eco-conscious practices. Our Roof Spray Coating solutions are beneficial not only for your roof but also for the environment. By extending the life of your roof, we collectively reduce the need for roofing materials, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Visual Appeal

A faded and weather-worn roof can diminish your property's curb appeal. Our Roof Spray Painting service is designed to protect your roof and enhance its visual aesthetics. Choose from various colours to find the perfect fit for your home's exterior. Colours include, Tile Red, Anthracite, Black Blue, Green, Dark Brown, Red Brown & Rustic Red.

Below is what you can expect when you choose The Decorator Guys UPVC spray painting service.

  • Detailed Estimate
  • Exceptional Customer service
  • Superior Quality
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Trained and Insured
  • Clean work areas
  • Courteous, uniformed roof spray painters

Transform Your Roof Today!

Revitalise, protect and beautify your roof with The Decorator Guys' Roof Spray painting service. Our expertise, commitment to quality, and eco-friendly practices set us apart as leaders in the industry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a free estimate. Experience the difference that professional roof spray painting can make for your property. Results are evident in the below uncoated and coated photos.

Product Highlights:

Best paint for roof spray painting:

RenoTec Roof coating system is a water based coating. That improves the functionality, appearance and look of roof tiles.

Paint Application Information:

Coverage: 150 - 200ml per m2 and coat, depending on porosity.

Suitable for surface types :

All mineral roof tiles like concrete, clay and firbre Cement.

Do you need to prime the surface:

It’s recommended for fibre cement to apply Renotec Primer.

Data Sheets:

For more information, please use the following data sheets.

Download Safety Data Sheet

Download Technical Data Sheet