There is no better option for waterproofing exterior brick, stone, concrete or sandstone wall treatments than Masonry ultimate clear protective Cream. Your exterior walls fight off the effects of the wind, rain, sun, and pollutants. Masonry Cream can help in this situation.

This Ground-breaking coating formula is created to offer your exterior brick walls the best level of protection. It is more than simply a clear coating; it serves as a shield, a guard by reducing water absorption by chemically bonding to the surface to create an invisible insulation, super hydrophobic, self-cleaning barrier. Our masonry cream solution creates a clear insulation barrier keeping your exterior walls dry while allowing air and moisture to escape so the building can breathe.

In contrast to our Exterior coloured wall (10 Year guarantee ) coating solution. The masonry cream will not altar the look and appearance of your property. Once sprayed on to your property. The super hydrophobic surfaces repel water casing it to run off the surface in a bead like form.

Key Features

Key features of our masonry cream coating system include:

  • For use on a range of substrates including brick, stone, concrete and sandstone
  • Penetrates up to 17mm into the substrate to provide a clear insulation barrier
  • Chemically bonds to mineral surfaces
  • Dries clear, it does not alter the appearance of the substrate
  • Super hydrophobic coating
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface like the Lotus Effect
  • Highly breathable
  • Helps prevent salt efflorescence and sulphate attack
  • Helps prevent discolouration
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Prevents frost damage
  • Proven performance

Approved & Certified Applicators

We are approved and certified masonry creme applicators. Our team of installers have all received proper training and understand the importances of applying this specially formulated solution to exterior buildings.

Below is what you can expect when you choose The Decorator Guys masonry creme service.

Detailed Estimate
Exceptional Customer service
Superior Quality
Locally owned and operated
Trained and Insured
Clean work areas
10 year manufacturer guarantee
Courteous, uniformed Decorators

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Product Highlights:

Do surfaces need any preparation before applying Masonry Creme?

Wash down the walls on a low pressure power washer. Allow to dry.

What Surfaces can be applied with masonry Creme clear coating?

Mineral surfaces to create an invisible water repellent & highly breathable insulating Barrier.

How long does it take to dry?

One hour in normal temperatures.

Data Sheets:

For more information, please use the following data sheets.

Download Safety Data Sheet

Download Technical Data Sheet